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For Couples 

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We'll start where you are...

and then take one step at
a time. 

both men and women are put in boxes 

Customized support based on your needs

Whether you are new to Fair Play or need a jumpstart after a fizzled first attempt, I can guide you through a process to implement the system in a supportive and sustainable way that reflects your goals and needs.


Together, we'll figure out a plan that reflects your goals. I'm passionate about sharing the Fair Play Method and will tailor each session to meet your specific needs and goals.


My goal is to support you (and cheer you on) in:

  • implementing Fair Play 

  • lowering day-to-day stress

  • carving out more time to pursue what lights you up

In my experience, I have found that it is also very helpful to take time to:

  • Examine how societal conditioning and what was modeled for you as a child influences how you interact and run your household

  • Talk about the legacy you want to leave for your children/what do you want to model for them? 

  • Determine your "why" for doing this work. More connection? More time to do what matters?

  • Root in your shared values

We can work together for one session, or, we can build a package that meets your needs. I am here for you.

Who could benefit from Fair Play? ​

Fair Play is a tool for any stage in a relationship:

  • Couples who are ready for change

  • Expecting  parents

  • New parents

  • Roommates

  • Recently-engaged couples

  • Retirees 

  • Empty nesters

How long would we work together? 

That is totally dependent on your needs and goals. I have no pre-set packages. In the past, I've worked with couples from 1 to 4 sessions.

Two options that have worked well:

  • 3 sessions - Both members of the partnership attend all three sessions. 

  • 4 sessions - Both members attend the first and fourth session and each member has a 1-1.


$75/session (Open to bartering for goods or services.)

Each session with me includes prep work,  follow up, and accountability check-ins. 

Want to learn more? 

Let's chat! Reach out via email or book a free 30-minute consult below.

It is my honor to do this work. The Fair Play Method made a big difference in my life, and I am confident

that it can make a big difference in your life too.

"Since you started using Fair Play, you are less stressed out."

My child

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