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Fair Play 1-1

At the heart, Fair Play is a communication practice.


We can unlearn the societal conditioning that taught us that being "good" means abandoning ourselves.


 I believe the revolution starts at home. The work we do to reject antiquated gender roles at home and create a new legacy for our family ripples out into the world in a powerful and transformative way.


What will we talk about? 
In our time together, we'll talk about:

  • Values - What are your shared values? What is your vision for your shared life? 

  • Unlearning - How has societal conditioning affected how you manage your household and family life? 

  • Fair Play - In addition to household tasks, we'll also talk about creating time for you to do what lights you up and keeps you feeling healthy. In Fair Play parlance, we call this the Happiness Trio.

Who is Fair Play for? 

Fair Play is a tool for any stage in a relationship:

  • Couples who are ready for change

  • Expecting  parents

  • New parents

  • Roommates

  • Recently-engaged couples

  • Retirees 

  • Empty nesters

It is my honor to do this work. The Fair Play Method made a big difference in my life, and I am confident

that it can make a big difference in your life too.

"Since you started using Fair Play, you are less stressed out."

My child

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