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How can Fair Play help me? 

To put it simply, Fair Play is a system that facilitates conversations. The heart of Fair Play is developing a regular communication practice. 

How much time do I have to spend per week?

What is the secret to success?

How do I invite my partner to Fair Play? 

Is the goal to split the cards 50/50?

I don't like systems, is Fair Play for me? 

can you share cards?

Is Fair Play just for couples with kids? 

Who can benefit from Fair Play? ​

Fair Play is a tool for any stage in a relationship:

  • Expecting parents

  • New parents

  • Roommates

  • Recently-engaged couples

  • Retirees 

  • Empty nesters

  • Families (kids can participate!)

How do I learn more? 

I don't have the time or bandwidth to read a book and figure out a new system, what do I do? 

Do we have to use all 100 cards? 

Who is ready to use Fair Play? 

"Since you started using Fair Play, you are less stressed out."

My child

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