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Guiding values 

I am guided by the following values: 

  1. Gratitude - I am deeply honored to do this work and am grateful for every opportunity to support my clients in reaching their goals. 

  2. Community - Community is everything. I strive to create offerings that reflect my community's needs. I welcome collaboration. Being involved in my local community is of critical importance to me. 

  3. Vulnerability - I lead with transparency in sharing my story, messiness and all. We are all connected and I am right there with you - learning, unlearning, and creating new.

  4. Accessibility - Accessibility is a core value. I am committed to providing offerings at affordable price points.

  5. Social change The revolution starts at home. I am committed to walking with my clients as they dismantle systems of oppression in their thoughts, homes, and communities. 

What I believe 

I believe everyone deserves the right to define who they are from the inside out.

I believe my own liberation is tied to the liberation of all marginalized communities. I aspire to live a life that demonstrates that belief.

I am committed to anti-racism work and am gender and LGBTQIA+ affirming. I work every day to own my privilege and do no harm. I mess up all the time and keep going. 

I believe that if we were all tested we would all be found to be neurodistinct in some way. 

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