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I'm here because Fair Play changed my life, and I believe that Fair Play can change your life too.

Photo of Sandi Konta, Certified Fair Play Facilitator and Owner of Done Being Good. Pronouns she/they

Sandi Konta, MSW
Certified Fair Play Facilitator

Fair Play logo
Photo of Sandi and her family. Her partner and kids' faces are covered. This photo shows an overwhelmed momma of two.

When I look at this photo, I see a stressed-out, resentful woman still trying very hard to attain "super mom" status. She was just beginning to remember who she is.

Photo of Sandi sitting by the ocean in Maine.

My Fair Play Story

I first found Fair Play because I needed help.


As the default parent of two young kids and the person who took on the bulk of the household chores, I was drowning. My health was suffering. I felt like I was failing at work, as a mom, and at home.


There was no space in my thoughts, or my life, for me.

My partner and I both grew up watching our parents embody very traditional gender roles. Without realizing it, we followed suit...almost like zombies. 

Then, one day, I woke up.

I saw how I was complicit in my own oppression and was making decisions that perpetuated the inequities in my household.


I became obsessed with finding a solution and got to work making spreadsheets and lists. 


And then, I hit a brick wall. I could not figure out how to share the mental load. 

Fair Play was my answer. We now have a shared vocabulary for talking about domestic life and a system for re-distributing household chores. He feels more ownership and I feel less like a nag. We both have more time to pursue what lights us up.

While Fair Play was not an overnight fix, I started feeling relief quickly. Our success inspired me to become a Fair Play Facilitator. 

Who am I?

I am here because I believe deeply in the power we each have to transform our thoughts and our lives.

I believe that my liberation is tied to your liberation and to the liberation of all people. I am a intersectional feminist who is shedding the last remnants of white feminism.


I spend a lot of my time thinking about societal conditioning and how systems of oppression affect our thoughts, relationships, communities, and world. I believe that dismantling our internalized oppression is one of the keys to finding freedom in our lives. 

Activism feeds me. It is also where I find my people.

Little feels better to me than putting my hands in the dirt and growing things. Our garden keeps getting bigger and bigger but I will always feel like a beginner. I like that feeling.

I just started a tea practice, which feels sacred and nurturing. 

I sometimes drive near the ocean, open the window to smell the salty air, and then drive away. I can't get enough of that smell. 

I am a Certified Fair Play Facilitator and I am currently in the Wayfinder Life Coach Training created by Martha Beck.

Professionally, my background is rooted in community organizing, training, marketing, development, and facilitation.

In my element

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