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Are you doing more than your fair share at home? 

Does your partner want to help but creating sustainable change feels impossible?

Are you ready for more clarity, free time, and connection?

Imagine running your household in true partnership

FAIR PLAY outlines a system for how to divide up household tasks fairly, based on your needs.

FAIR PLAY gives you and your partner a shared vocabulary for talking about domestic life.

FAIR PLAY helps you:

  • Rebalance your to-do lists

  • Reclaim your time

  • Rediscover what makes you feel alive

I will guide you through a process that focuses on:



What are your shared values? How have gender norms affected how you manage your household and family life? Do those norms align with your current values? By centering your values you can transform your household, one conversation at a time.



With the endless demands of jobs, kids, and household responsibilities, connecting with our partners can fall off the "to-do" list. When communication is a priority, everyone feels more supported and change happens quickly. Imagine short, collaborative conversations with some fun thrown in!


Making your home your most important organization

Organizations thrive with clearly defined roles and expectations. When you implement Fair Play and make your home your most important organization, everyone is clear on their responsibilities, which results in a more efficient, harmonious household. No more nagging or arguments over every detail of domestic life.


Carving out more free time

With clear roles and expectations in place, you both will have more free time to do what makes you feel alive.

Working with me is a gREAT fit if you both:

  • recognize there is currently an imbalance and that having clear roles and responsibilities would be beneficial

  • are ready to start fresh and leave blame and scorekeeping behind you

  • are ready to be collaborative and solutions-focused

  • are dedicated and ready to try new things

  • can imagine a reality that feels better to both of you

Change is possible.

One conversation at a time.

Fair Play Couples Package

In this 2-month program, you get:

  • One 1.5-hour session on Zoom

  • Three 45-minute follow-up Zoom sessions

  • Unlimited email support 

  • Personal guidance, tools, and support

  • Option to add additional follow-up sessions

What you get from me:​

  • A space to feel heard, supported, and guided

  • Troubleshooting and expert advice 

  • A strong foundation that sets you up for success

  • A sustainable plan for implementing Fair Play that reflects your needs

The benefits you will feel:

  • More free time for both of you to do what makes you feel alive

  • More connection

  • More efficiency

Investment: $450

Please note: I am not a therapist. Although, I'm a huge fan of therapy! I am a Certified Fair Play Facilitator with a background in training and facilitation. My goal is to get you up and running with Fair Play and walk you through a process that creates a foundation for success and a sustainable plan for continuing your journey. 

"For women to step into their full power in the world, it requires men to step into their full power in the home." -Eve Rodsky

(And it requires women to create space for their partners to step into their full power in the home.)

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