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Sliding Scale Pricing 

In my life and my work, dismantling systems of oppression is a priority. None of us are free until all of us are free. My goal is to make my offerings accessible to most.

I trust you to decide which level works best for your family.


Here are my hourly rates:

  • Option 1 represents my full rate - $75/hour 

  • Option 2 represents 80% of my rate - $60/hour 

  • Option 3 represents 65% of my rate - $48/hour

This is a infographic created by Worts and Cunning that shows three bottles. One is full, one is half full, and one is about 1/4 full. They are different levels of economic privilege to help illustrate the three sliding scale rates that I am offering.

To start, I am taking inspiration from this sliding scale model. Thank you to Worts + Cunning for the innovation.

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